Sunday, January 01, 2006

Two Thousand Sex: Self indulgent Musings on the New Year.

I am pleased that, after four days, my strep throat is vastly improving (YAY!!). The Theraflu, antibiotics and 10 hours of sleep must've helped.

Every year I make a list of 5 or so things to put on my list of New Year's Resolutions, and last year went relatively well: I quit smoking, got good marks in school and took a job at the university. Still, though, I crave a cigarette at times; particularly times of little consequence.

List of possible post-graduation stuff to do:
1. Spend 3 months in Alaska, then do a bit of traveling
2. Start graduate school in September 06
3. Go on a trip to a Spanish immersion school
4. Move to SF, summer or Fall
5. Go to UNT or UTD in the fall
6. Join the Peace Corps.

It's good to have options... I totally love that; and although I often resist change, I really do enjoy change. To change is to grow. Right now, in this moment, the 'what' of it matters little to me: it's the 'where' that I wonder about. An inviting map on my wall is luring me closer and I wonder if the time is fast approaching to use those airline miles I've been hording these last five years.

The Peace Corps has a pull for a number of reasons: 1) Live in D.C. and learn another language; 2) Again push myself to break out of boundaries and experience soemthing wholly new, unknown, uncomfortable at times. Gawd, I effing love that discomfort, that uncertainty (tho I do like to pine over it at times) 3) Excellent post-bach schools give preferential treatment to Peace Corps volunteers. This might mean a full ride to graduate school

The only (and main) problem is that I can't bring Dexter and Mugsley with me. And I don't know if I can leave my pets behind for two years. No one, and I mean NO ONE will care for my, dare I say, furry little kids the way I will.

No one in the world thinks I am as cool as my dog does.

Gawd, I am completely geeking out.

Woke up this morning, had coffee with Angela and then went to my sister's house to pick up my dog, Mugsley. Tomorrow I want to take Pirayeh to the Aquarium and do some serious outdoor playing.

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