Wednesday, January 04, 2006

More insomnia

It's 7am and the number of hours I can sleep in a row is increasing significantly: today I slept four hours in a row! Yay Me!

My trip keeps getting longer and longer, I can't help but think of more stuff to do before I go back to the Body of Christ. I drive to GP today to visit with my long-lost friend DT and then maybe, if I can get adequately motivated I will drive to Hot Springs tomorrow to visit my grandparents. They are coming for a visit in January, so if I don't make it I will still see them

Hot Springs does rock, though.

This Morning's anecdote:
When I was a little girl, maybe five years old, we owned a green 74 nova. It was a wedding gift from my Mississppi grandparents to my parents for their shotgun wedding. The car had an eight-track that whirred and clicked each time a new track came up, and my parents had a Rod Stewart album that included the song Hot Legs and I insisted, "Daddy we can't get out of the car til the song is over."

I loved that song, and for whatever reason my parents both indulged my childish whim and sat patiently in the car singing

Hot legs, wearing me out
Hot legs, you can scream and shout
Hot legs, are you still in school
I love you honey

At five, I didn't understand the lyrics a bit, and took the song rather literally so I repeatedly pestered my mother to throw my tiny corduroy pants into the dryer so I could, like the song states, have hot legs.

Then once the warm pants were zipped, buttoned and my shirt was tucked in I could truly be one with the song. I was so comforted that I could actually live the song and I sang it on the way to school.

That is until my first love came along and wanted to walk me to school. His name was Julio and he was bee-uu-tiful: we lived in Washington state at the time and hehad just moved there from Mexico. He taught me to count to ten in Spanish and i taught him to sing Paul Simon's Me and Julio down by the schoolyard.

He carried my books to school every day until one day we announced that we were moving to Texas.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Two Thousand Sex: Self indulgent Musings on the New Year.

I am pleased that, after four days, my strep throat is vastly improving (YAY!!). The Theraflu, antibiotics and 10 hours of sleep must've helped.

Every year I make a list of 5 or so things to put on my list of New Year's Resolutions, and last year went relatively well: I quit smoking, got good marks in school and took a job at the university. Still, though, I crave a cigarette at times; particularly times of little consequence.

List of possible post-graduation stuff to do:
1. Spend 3 months in Alaska, then do a bit of traveling
2. Start graduate school in September 06
3. Go on a trip to a Spanish immersion school
4. Move to SF, summer or Fall
5. Go to UNT or UTD in the fall
6. Join the Peace Corps.

It's good to have options... I totally love that; and although I often resist change, I really do enjoy change. To change is to grow. Right now, in this moment, the 'what' of it matters little to me: it's the 'where' that I wonder about. An inviting map on my wall is luring me closer and I wonder if the time is fast approaching to use those airline miles I've been hording these last five years.

The Peace Corps has a pull for a number of reasons: 1) Live in D.C. and learn another language; 2) Again push myself to break out of boundaries and experience soemthing wholly new, unknown, uncomfortable at times. Gawd, I effing love that discomfort, that uncertainty (tho I do like to pine over it at times) 3) Excellent post-bach schools give preferential treatment to Peace Corps volunteers. This might mean a full ride to graduate school

The only (and main) problem is that I can't bring Dexter and Mugsley with me. And I don't know if I can leave my pets behind for two years. No one, and I mean NO ONE will care for my, dare I say, furry little kids the way I will.

No one in the world thinks I am as cool as my dog does.

Gawd, I am completely geeking out.

Woke up this morning, had coffee with Angela and then went to my sister's house to pick up my dog, Mugsley. Tomorrow I want to take Pirayeh to the Aquarium and do some serious outdoor playing.