Monday, November 28, 2005

Today is the first day

So I have 3 exams next week, 3 papers due and 46 speeches to grade. I admit that while I am thankful for having a great job I would LOVE it to be, like, December 16th already. Then I'd be on my way to D-town and ready to hang out with my peeples. And I LOVE hanging out with my peeples.

But instead I have to write 20ish pages and 20ish pages of reviews because I AM that much of a total geek that I TYPE EVERY EXAM REVIEW. Can anyone else relate to that? Anyone at all?

I know the only people that actually read this are people who want to post links to their own infomercials, but c'mon. Perhaps even infomercial salespeople took exams once.

So I am totally fighting the doldrums (and doing a damn fine job, I might add) b/c I had it stuck in my head that I was going to graduate summa cum laude and I WON'T because I took two advanced Spanish classes like over a YEAR ago. I got B's BOTH times b/c, hey, it's been five years since I took a formal Spanish lesson. So 'B' is pretty good (it was the pop literature reading quizzes that did it) I guess. But it means I will be six-tenths of a point off from 3.9 GPA. Blast it.

It's a load of shite, I tell you.
But I do read/write better Spanish now than I did before (not sure that says alot) so I s'pose it's worth it.

Adios, mis cabrones.


risa's little sister said...

Can I hang out with you when you're in town?

Risa said...

Oh, yes. We will be putting on the hanging out. And it will be good. And sisters of the world will unite and take over.

risa's little sister said...

It's funny that we were also shoplifters.

So it is very true to the song.

Shoplifters of the world, repent and ...recover.

Yeah, yeah.